Ice Hockey Sticks

Counting Rings – The World’s Oldest Hockey Stick

There has been some great data collected and analyzed regarding the age of “The Moffat Stick” that is claimed to be the oldest hockey stick in the world. Well, that claim definitely got stronger with the new the analysis that was recently conducted by Mount Allison University dendrochronologist (fancy name for a tree scientist) Colin […]

Bobby Rouillard’s “World’s Oldest Hockey Stick”

Update February 20th, 2009: Bobby Rouillard’s Hockey Stick received no bids on eBay for the 10 day auction. He is not surprised and not disappointed. He also said that he was contacted by 2 organizations that are interested in the stick but they didn’t want to go through eBay. Update February 9th, 2009: Bobby Rouillard’s […]