Ice Hockey Sticks

1924 Olympic Hockey Stick Of the Toronto Granites

A classic collectible ice hockey stick is starting to surface, one that any collector would be proud to have in their collection. The stick is a team autographed wood hockey stick from the 1924 Olympic Gold medal winning team of the Toronto Granites. It looks like its current owner, Jeanne Dodwell, might be putting it […]

Bobby Rouillard’s “World’s Oldest Hockey Stick”

Update February 20th, 2009: Bobby Rouillard’s Hockey Stick received no bids on eBay for the 10 day auction. He is not surprised and not disappointed. He also said that he was contacted by 2 organizations that are interested in the stick but they didn’t want to go through eBay. Update February 9th, 2009: Bobby Rouillard’s […]

Composite versus Wooden Hockey Sticks – Boston Globe

Here are some excerpts from a nice hockey stick article in the Boston Globe today… In the last 10 years, one-piece composite sticks have replaced wooden sticks, as well as two-piece, shaft-blade combinations, at virtually every level of hockey. Composite sticks are made with substances such as nanotubes, Kevlar, and graphite. Their construction enables players […]

World’s Oldest Hockey Sticks

How old are the world’s oldest hockey sticks? A recent article in The Nova Scotian has an interesting write up on a few of the world’s oldest hockey sticks. The oldest sticks are thought to have been made in the mid-1800s. The main story outlines the details of a specific stick that collector Mark Presley […]

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