Ice Hockey Sticks

Wrist Shots: Researching The Secrets

Dan Peterson posted a nice article about research that is being conducted at McGill University into the exact mechanics that go into a perfect wrist shot. The objective of the research really is to understand the exact techniques and factors that make up a more accurate shot. The article does mention one difference between pros […]

Bobby Hull Jr’s “A Shooters Checklist For Ice & Roller Hockey”

Bobby Hull Jr updated his blog with a post titled A Shooter’s Checklist for Ice & Roller Hockey. It is a nice article that lays out the key points to be a good shooter and goal scorer. He covers the proper: Grip Puck position in relation to the body Puck position in relation to the […]

Hockey Stick Flex: Produce Better Shots With The Right Flex/Stiffness

Welcome to the Hockey Stick Flex Guide. This article should arm you with all of the information that you need to answer the common question of “what flex hockey stick should I use?” Hockey Stick Flex is a measure of how flexible or how stiff a hockey stick is when a force is applied to […]