Ice Hockey Sticks

Hockey Stick Selection With Coach Tom Martin [video]

Here is a good beginner’s guide on proper hockey stick selection with coach Tom Martin from Sportskool. The 3 minute video covers: The right hockey stick length is about chin height when standing in skates The right stick lie is one that keeps the blade flat on the ice How to tape the handle of […]

Hockey Stick Lie – Get Your Angles Right For Better Puck Control

Hockey Stick Lie describes the angle of the blade in reference to the shaft. A lie value of 5 corresponds to a 135° angle, and each additional increase lie value corresponds to a 2° smaller angle. Typical lie values range from 4 to 7 with most stock sticks near 5.5. The Hockey Stick Lie Chart […]

Hockey Stick Length vs. Flex: How Cutting Your Stick Affects its Flex

Cutting your stick length a significant amount will increase its flex. Use the following Hockey Stick Length vs. Flex Chart to help determine how much your flex will change when cutting your stick. Cutting the stick down Base Flex in length changes the flex: 2″ 4″ 6″ Youth 42 49 Flex 57 Flex 67 Flex […]

Hockey Stick Flex: Produce Better Shots With The Right Flex/Stiffness

Welcome to the Hockey Stick Flex Guide. This article should arm you with all of the information that you need to answer the common question of “what flex hockey stick should I use?” Hockey Stick Flex is a measure of how flexible or how stiff a hockey stick is when a force is applied to […]

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