Ice Hockey Sticks

Hockey Stick Length vs. Flex: How Cutting Your Stick Affects its Flex

Cutting your stick length a significant amount will increase its flex. Use the following Hockey Stick Length vs. Flex Chart to help determine how much your flex will change when cutting your stick. Cutting the stick down Base Flex in length changes the flex: 2″ 4″ 6″ Youth 42 49 Flex 57 Flex 67 Flex […]

Hockey Stick Flex: Produce Better Shots With The Right Flex/Stiffness

Welcome to the Hockey Stick Flex Guide. This article should arm you with all of the information that you need to answer the common question of “what flex hockey stick should I use?” Hockey Stick Flex is a measure of how flexible or how stiff a hockey stick is when a force is applied to […]

Interesting Hockey Stick Patents

While doing a search for hockey stick info recently, I came across some links to sites that list US patents. I found some pretty interesting patents and thought I would share some of what I found. There are multiple sites that have patent listing and the one I used was You can do a […]

Hockey Stick Length

Length of Hockey Sticks: Ice Hockey Sticks come in different sizes and configurations to match to every hockey player. Standard hockey stick configuration names and their range of lengths are: Junior = 46-53 inches Intermediate = around 54 inches Senior = 56-63 inches Extra long shafts are also available. For example, the Warrior Ak27 X-Long […]

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