Ice Hockey Sticks | Sher-wood Acquires TPS Hockey And Closes Hockey Stick Factory

Sher-wood Acquires TPS Hockey And Closes Hockey Stick Factory

TPS Goalie Catcher
Sher-Wood Hockey Press Release from Dec 15, 2008

SHERBROOKE, QC, Dec. 15 /CNW/ – Sher-Wood Hockey Inc. announced today it has received court approval and completed the purchase of the business assets of TPS Sports Group, a leading manufacturer and distributor of hockey sticks and protective equipment. TPS had been operating under the supervision of the Proposal Trustee since September 15, 2008. Sher-Wood Hockey has acquired the TPS inventory, receivables, and manufacturing equipment located in Wallaceburg and Strathroy, Ontario.

Sher-Wood Hockey Inc. was formed in June 2008 to purchase the hockey assets of the company formerly known as Sher-Wood Drolet. In September the company purchased the hockey novelty and licence assets of the company formerly known as Inglasco.

Additional info from The Catham Daily News: Game over: TPS closes 12/16/2008

Operations have ceased at the TPS Group plant on Arnold Street — the former Hillerich and Bradsby hockey stick maker — affecting approximately 30 employees.

Ralph Trott, president and CEO of Sher-Wood Hockey, told The Daily News yesterday he has acquired the TPS inventory and manufacturing equipment in both Wallaceburg and Strathroy.

Trott said equipment from the Wallaceburg plant was trucked to his Quebec plant on the weekend.

Trott’s firm has acquired both the hockey stick and protective equipment portions of TPS Sports Group.

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