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Ice Hockey Stick Composite Technology

I found this blurb on some recent advances in composite technology as applied to building a true one piece composite hockey stick. You can follow this link to find more of our articles on composite hockey sticks.

Key snippets from the article include:

The stick uses a third generation toughened high-end resin system, Araldite NanoTech Composite new RTM system, to meet the most stringent demands of ice hockey players.

… and …

The Busch ice hockey stick is made of carbon and glass braids around a synthetic foam core which provide the stiffness needed to release maximum energy. This assembly is then inserted in a mould with an injection point at one end and an outlet point at the other end. Araldite NanoTech Composite is injected into the mould to impregnate the braids. This technology has been patented by Busch to produce the only true one-piece composite hockey stick with continuous fibre strengthening and no joints.

The article also state that the Swiss National Hockey team used pre-released versions of these 1 piece composite hockey sticks during the 2008 World Championships in Canada and that the stick were well regarded.

The original article can be found here.

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