Ice Hockey Sticks | Hockey Equipment Deals: How to Find Great Deals On eBay When Buying Ice Hockey Gear

Hockey Equipment Deals: How to Find Great Deals On eBay When Buying Ice Hockey Gear

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Ice Hockey Equipment available at eBay

Here is a quick, non-exhaustive list that gives you an idea of the types of Hockey Equipment available on eBay and the number of items found for each keyword that I searched for in the Ice & Roller Hockey category.

    All items in the Ice and Roller Hockey Category: 8,733 items
    Ice Hockey Skates: 796 items
    Ice Hockey Stick: 139 items
    Hockey Elbow Pad: 105 items
    Shaft: 101 items
    Hockey Shin Guard: 96 items
    Inline Skates: 93 items
    Hockey Chest Protector: 19 items

Not all hockey equipment for sale on eBay is used. In fact, most of the auctions for ice hockey sticks are for brand new hockey sticks.

How-To Set up an Automatic Watch for Your Perfect Hockey Equipment Item

Once you do a search for an item and filter the results (by location, length of time before auction is over, price range and more), you can scroll down to the bottom of the results page and click on the RSS line and add the results to your favorite RSS reader.

There is even a “customize your search” link so you can add additional search options to filter by (like # of bids, items from a specific seller, etc).

Let’s work through an example so you can see how powerful this can be… Let’s say that you want to find a new Easton S17 Hockey Stick at a good price (under $175).

    Step #1: Do a search for “S17 Hockey Stick” in the Ice & Roller Hockey category. There are 14 results that match my search so far. You can certainly stop right here and look through a list of 14 results manually, but you won’t do this often enough and will miss good deals. Note: You also don’t want to get too specific with things like flex/size/blade patterns/right vs left because everybody lists their items for sale a little differently.

    eBay Search Bar

    Step #2: Now we will further refine the search by selecting a few search options.

      Listings ending within 2 days – You don’t want to make this window too short so that you are sure to see the RSS results in time to take action
      Items priced from $100 to $175 – Set your ideal price range to lock in bargain auctions
      Number of bids 0 to 1 – This is a good way to only look at items with minimal bidding competition so far

    Now click on the Show Items button in the search options area to see the results of your search.

    eBay Search Filter

    Step #3: Add the RSS feed of this result to your RSS Reader by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the orange RSS button and follow the steps needed to add the RSS feed into your feed reader.

That’s it! Now you will get an eBay auction listing automatically sent to your RSS reader every time there is a great deal (as defined by your search criteria) just waiting for you.

Happy bargain hunting!

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