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Hockey Sticks – Easton Hockey – Carbon Nanotube Research

3D Carbon Nanotube Structure

3D Carbon Nanotube Structure from Wikipedia

The Easton Corp recently gave a $2 million dollar gift to the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science to provide for advanced research into carbon nanotubes. Easton Sports (look here for more HSE info on Easton Hockey) has been a leader in using advanced technologies and materials in manufacturing sports equipment for many years. This is another way that they are hoping to get a jump on a new era of better equipment for hockey and their many other sports lines.

Carbon nanotubes are layers of graphite that are built up from the level of single atoms. They have amazing strength for their weight and this allows them to be used to design even more advanced ice hockey sticks and other sports equipment. Are you interested in a hockey stick that weights significantly less than today’s lightest models but will be even more durable? Sign me up!

The original article from UCLA News can be found here.

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