Ice Hockey Sticks | New hockey stick test machine could help reduce breakage

New hockey stick test machine could help reduce breakage

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A revolutionary new ice hockey stick test machine looks primed and ready to shoot down its competition.

It just needs to be built.

Unsatisfied with the current principal method used to test stick durability, University of Waterloo engineering prof John McPhee set out to design a new system.

and ..

McPhee believes the answer will lie in testing the sticks dynamically. In other words, measuring the effects acting on the stick from the time it makes contact with the ice to when the puck leaves the blade.

Inspired by his work as a technical advisor for Golf Digest magazine, where computer-controlled robots were used to test out new golf clubs and balls, McPhee designed a robot based upon the same idea: a machine that repeats the exact same shot over and over again.

To make this happen, McPhee realized he had to overcome one major design obstacle.

“You need arms to attach to the stick at two different locations,” said McPhee. “Furthermore, the hockey stick has to be able to bend between those two places.”

This Article was originally published in the The Varsity Magazine and the full article can be found here

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