Ice Hockey Sticks | Hockey Stick Selection With Coach Tom Martin [video]

Hockey Stick Selection With Coach Tom Martin [video]

Here is a good beginner’s guide on proper hockey stick selection with coach Tom Martin from Sportskool.

The 3 minute video covers:

    The right hockey stick length is about chin height when standing in skates
    The right stick lie is one that keeps the blade flat on the ice
    How to tape the handle of a hockey stick with a small knob on the end
    How to hold the hockey stick in the middle of your hand to give you more control
    How to tape the blade from heel to toe, but not on the heel or toe
    Why many players prefer black tape on their blades to hide the puck and to provide a good passing target

Like all Hockey Stick advise you’ll hear, this is just a starting point. As you gain experience you will develop strong personal preferences that can override every piece of advise you have ever heard.

Here are a few other articles well worth reading regarding hockey stick length, lie and flex:

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