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Hockey Stick Length

Measuring Tape

Length of Hockey Sticks:

Ice Hockey Sticks come in different sizes and configurations to match to every hockey player. Standard hockey stick configuration names and their range of lengths are:

    Junior = 46-53 inches
    Intermediate = around 54 inches
    Senior = 56-63 inches
Warrior AK27 Hockey Shaft

Extra long shafts are also available. For example, the Warrior Ak27 X-Long shaft comes 6 inches longer than the regular Warrior AK27 shaft.

Hockey stick length of composite sticks can be extended by adding a butt end. Butt ends come in junior and senior sizes and come up to 8 inches long. Once they are installed, you can easily mark and cut your stick to the desired length.

What is the maximum hockey sticks length in the NHL?

NHL Rule 19 – Sticks
b. No stick shall exceed sixty-three inches (63″) in length from the heel to the end of the shaft nor more than twelve and one-half inches (12 1/2″) from the heel to the end of the blade.

Cutting your hockey stick to length

It is very important that a hockey stick be cut to a length that matches the individual player. Like most attributes of a hockey stick, the right stick length for each player really comes down to personal preference. Here are two methods to get your stick length in the right ball park:

    Standing in skates - Place the stick with the shaft vertical in front of you (so the shaft is parallel with your body) and the toe of the stick resting on the floor or ice.

    • The stick should reach somewhere near your chin

    Standing in street shoes - Place the stick with the shaft vertical in front of you (so the shaft is parallel with your body) and the toe of the stick resting on the floor.

    • For forwards – Mark the stick at your upper lip and cut there
    • For defensemen – Mark the stick at the bottom of your nose and cut there

Start a little on the long side and you can always cut the stick again. Also note that cutting a composite hockey stick more than a couple of inches will increase the stiffness of the stick’s flex. You can also check out the hockey stick length chart for more info on flex versus length.

The process of cutting your hockey stick shaft is very straight forward. The first thing I do is to wrap the shaft where I am going to cut with tape to help keep the fraying from the cut to a minimum. Then use a fine tooth saw (power miter saw or a hack saw will work) and cut away. A little sanding might be in order on a wood hockey stick to round over and smooth the edges of the cut. Replace the end cap on composite sticks. Now proceed to taping your stick handle.

Flex Tester – How Stick Flex Is Measured
Check out the How its Made: Composite Hockey Sticks video to learn a little more about flex testers and to see one in action. The short flex tester segment starts at about 37 seconds into the video.

Testing a Stick’s Flex at the Pro Shop
Use your normal hand position on the stick and hold the stick with the blade on the floor. Now flex the shaft of the stick by holding your top hand stationary and pushing down and forward with your lower hand. You should be able to flex the stick about an inch or so without using full effort. If you can’t flex the stick this much then the flex of the stick is too high.

How Cutting a Stick’s Length Affects its Flex

If you cut too much of the length off of a stick is will significantly increase the flex of the stick. Imagine bending a full length broom stick. Now if you cut that broom stick in half home much force is required to get it to bend the same as the full length stick? A whole lot more that is for sure. This is also what happens when a hockey stick is cut down a significant amount. How much is flex affected by cutting off 2 or 4 inches? Here is a chart that provides ROUGH guideline for how cutting your stick affects its flex.

Approximate flex when cutting the stick…
Baseline Flex 2 inches 4 inches
Youth 40 48 flex 54 flex
Junior 50 58 flex 66 flex
Intermediate 65 72 flex 78 flex
Senior 85 95 flex 103 flex
Senior 100 106 flex 113 flex

NOTE: These are just rough values for illustration purpose.

Please see the Hockey Stick Flex: Product Better Shots with the Right Flex article for an in depth look at Hockey Stick Flex.

Hockey Stick Dictionary

Additional Hockey Stick Length terms in the Hockey Stick Dictionary:

  • End Plugs
  • Flex
  • Length of Hockey Sticks
  • Shaft

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