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Hockey Stick Links:
Here are some other sites and forums about hockey sticks and playing hockey that I find valuable. Please send or submit sites that you like and I’ll add ones that I think are high quality. I am especially interested in sites about:

    Hockey Sticks How they work, the newest models, Hockey Stick Manufacturing News
    Hockey Stick Accessories Grips and Handles, Blade Tape, Replacement Blades
    Hockey Equipment Especially the latest and greatest
    How to Play Hockey Including strategies and tactics of play
    Hockey Skill Improvement both on and off-ice
    Hockey training Aids From Smart Hockey Balls to Synthetic Ice

Hockey Forums

Mod Squad Hockey – One of the more popular forums. Check out their sub-forum on Equipment Reviews->Sticks. They also have a cool Blade Pattern database that you can search for specific blade attributes across many hockey stick models.
Inline Warehouse Forum – Another very good hockey talk forum. Covers both inline and ice hockey. They also have a sub-forum on Equipment Reviews->Sticks.

Hockey Manufactures

Bauer Hockey Makers of Bauer, Mission and ITECH