Ice Hockey Sticks | Hockey Gloves: How Its Made [video]

Hockey Gloves: How Its Made [video]

Hockey gloves are made up of about 30 different parts.

The covering material is called the outer shell. It can be made of genuine leather or synthetic leather. There is even a new synthetic material that is called “carbon” that is tear proof even when slashed by sharp skate blades.

High density foam is very hard and is used in places that require maximum protection. Low density foam is used in other areas to line the glove. It provides good protection while still being flexible.

The palm is the most important part of the glove. It endures the most wear and tear. It is designed to be as tough as possible while still being thin enough to allow the hockey player a great feel of the hockey stick. The palm can be made of high end synthetic suede, synthetic leather or genuine leather. The advantage of real leather is that it can be treated with an anti-bacterial product that combats odor caused by the hand sweating in the glove.

Good stuff! 5 minute video.

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