Ice Hockey Sticks | Hockey Bags: Choosing The Perfect Ice Hockey Bag

Hockey Bags: Choosing The Perfect Ice Hockey Bag

Hockey players have a ton of gear that is required to play hockey and it is a pain to carry around unless you have the right Hockey Bag.

Key questions to ask yourself when looking at new Hockey Equipment Bags:

    Is it big enough for my hockey gear?
    Does it have the compartments I need to help organize my hockey gear?
    Is it easy for me to carry and/or wheel around?
    Is the cost of the hockey bag in my price range?
    Does the hockey bag look cool?

Hockey Bags: The Many Types of Hockey Bags

There is quite a variety of Hockey Bags. Here is a list of the different types of Hockey Bags:

  • Hockey Equipment Bags
    • Duffel Bags & Wheeled Duffel Bags
    • Hockey Goalie Bags
    • Backpacks & Wheeled Backpacks
    • The Grit Hockey Tower
    • Specialty Bags – with Dryers
  • Referee & Coaches Bags
  • Hockey Stick Bags
  • Helmet Bags
  • Skate Bags
  • Puck Bags

Hockey Equipment Bags

Hockey Equipment Bags are designed to hold all of the players gear except their hockey sticks. These bags can be one single large compartment where all of the gear gets thrown in. 5 or 6 compartments including areas shaped to hold hockey skates.

    Hockey Equipment Duffel Bags

    Most hockey equipment duffle bags have their size listed mainly by their length. Common lengths run from 31” to 40”. Width by height measurements range from 14″ x 14″ to 18″ x 18″.
    Junior bags start around $35 and go up from there
    Senior bags start around $40, and run up to about $70

    Hockey Goalie Bags

    Hockey Goalie Bags are the largest size duffel bags due to the larger size of goalie gear. A key question that affects your choice of the right size bag is whether you plan to stow your goalie pads in a bag or to carry the separately (example: tied together and hung over a shoulder).
    Goalie hockey bag sizes range from 40” x 20” x 20” up to 44” x 24” x 24”
    Typical price range $50 to $150
    Goalie Leg Pad Bags exist for carrying just your goalie pads. They fit up to size 39” pads and cost around $30.

    Wheeled Hockey bags

    Wheeled Hockey Bags work just like rolling luggage and eliminate the burden of carrying your bag. Some wheeled hockey bags come with a telescoping handle to provide a convenient length (especially the junior models). Wheeled hockey bags come in the same sizes and compartment configurations as the non-wheeled hockey bag models.
    Price for junior size bags: $40 and up
    Price for senior sized bags: $40 – $100+

    Hockey Backpacks

    The main advantage of Hockey Backpacks is that it is easier to carry your gear on your shoulders than it is to carry in your hand. Hockey backpacks also provide lots of pockets and compartments to get your gear stored in an orderly fashion. Some hockey backpacks also come with wheels for when it is more convenient to drag your gear instead of shouldering it.
    Size: These are usually sized as junior or senior sizes.
    Costs: $45 to $80

    Specialty Hockey Equipment Bags

    Special hockey bags of note are the Shock Doctor Power Dry line of bags. These bags are design to allow you to leave your hockey gear in the bag after a game and hook up the dryer to the bag to air our and dry your gear right in the bag. These bags are not cheap (running $95 and up) and the blower/dryers are often sold separately for an additional $70 or so.

Hockey Referee and Coaches Bags

Referee and Coaches Bags are smaller duffel style bags that are made to hold a smaller amount of equipment than full sized hockey bags. They typically have compartments set up for the primary gear (ex: skates, helmet, gloves and misc). These bags come in carry models and wheeled models. Price range is $30-$80.

Hockey Stick Bags

Hockey Stick Bags isolate your hockey sticks and help them from getting beat up when you are moving them from rink to home and back again. The largest team models can hold up to 40 hockey sticks and come with wheels for easy transport. Some hockey stick bags will accommodate goalie sticks but at a reduced number of sticks per bag (ex: a 4 stick back might be able to carry only 2 goalie sticks). A nice feature of some hockey stick bags are extra compartments for tape, extra blades, etc.
Hockey stick bags come in junior and senior sizes.
Capacity: 2-4 sticks for personal models and 24-40 sticks for team models
Price range: $15-$25 for personal models and about $60 for wheeled team models

Hockey Skate Bags

Hockey Skate Bags are pretty no-frills and just hold skates. There aren’t many models to choose from. Often a coaches/referee hockey bag will be a better choice for the same money since they give you more storage.

Hockey Helmet Bags

Hockey Helmet Bags help protect your helmet and visor from getting scratched. Thicker material provides better protection. One size fits all for standard helmets and they run about $20. There are also Goalie Mask Bags and they run about $25.

Puck Bags

Hockey Puck Bags: Simple draw string models hold around 30 pucks and can be found for under $10.
The more rugged puck bags hold 60-75 pucks, come with handles or shoulder straps and cost $15-$25.

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