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Flarrow Hockey Back As DHM Sports

Flarrow 9000 Turbine Hockey Stick

The Standard Freeholder newspaper from Ontario, CA just published an article on Flarrow Hockey, a long time Canadian hockey stick manufacturer returning to business as DHM Sports. Here is a link to the original article: Flarrow Back In Business

Here are a couple of the more interesting items from the article…

What Flaro’s doing is this: he’s scaled back production, maxing out at about 30,000 sticks per year (in the company’s heyday, they would produce about 10 times that, he says). DHM will market directly to the ‘end-user,’ selling Flarrow products at independent sports stores, over the Internet, and from his Martintown headquarters.

He admits the days of seeing his sticks handle pucks in an actual NHL game are likely over – the league’s $50,000 “exposure fee” per stick has made that a luxury few smaller manufacturers can afford.
I did a little more digging on Flarrow and DHM Sports and found web sites up and running for both DHM and Flarrow. Flarrow products can be purchased directly from the DHM site (sticks, blades, goalie sticks, gloves, pants and a few other accessory items).

DHM Sports Limited (aka: Direct Hockey Manufacturing)

From the DHM Sports About page:
The Flaro family is by no means new to the hockey stick business. We grew up watching our father manufacture hockey sticks in the late forties and early fifties. In March of 1998 a new plant in Summerstown, Ontario was built. Ten years later in October 1998, we found ourselves back in our hometown of Martintown, Ontario. The family business was to continue; Flarrow Hockey Sticks Inc. was born!

Over the years we made hockey sticks for some of the best players in the world, including players from the National Hockey League, the American Hockey Leage and several European leagues, as well.

We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our products, as well as the service and commitment to our valued customers. At DHM Sports Ltd., the quality of our products is built-in, not inspected-on.

Flarrow Hockey Sticks Inc.

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