Ice Hockey Sticks

Hockey Rinks: How Its Made [video]

Anybody for some delicious layer cake? Each layer is about 2 mm (.08 inches) think and freezes in seconds after application. It takes about 8 minutes to apply one layer across the entire rink. The Hockey Rink Recipe: 2 layers of ice 3 layers of white paint (special paint that is non-toxic, biodegradable and formulated […]

Hockey Pucks: How Its Made [video]

Here is a 5 minute video about how ice hockey pucks are made. Did you know… that the earliest ice hockey pucks were made of wood? that there are 11 different ingredients that go into making hockey pucks? It is amazing to see how much of the manufacturing process is still done by hand. Pretty […]

Wood Hockey Sticks: How Its Made [video]

Here is a 5 and a half minute video on how modern wood ice hockey sticks are made. Ice Hockey Stick Shafts are made of poplar & birch wood with carbon reinforced fiberglass Especially cool is to see the 6,000 unique blade patterns from all the hockey greats. It looks like this was filmed in […]

Composite Hockey Sticks: How Its Made [Video]

5 minute video on the making of today’s composite hockey sticks. The primary material of today’s composite hockey sticks is graphite. 15 sheets of graphite laid down in different directions go into making the hockey stick shaft. It is cool to see the flex tester in action. This is the machine that helps to determine […]

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