Ice Hockey Sticks

Can You Play With 2 Hockey Sticks?

You are certainly not supposed to, but Jacub Voracek did without a penalty being called. The official NHL rules on playing with two hockey sticks… A player who participates in the play, who checks or who intentionally prevents the movement of an opponent, or who intentionally plays the puck while carrying two sticks (including while […]

Easton Hockey Factory – Building a Hockey Stick

Heidi Androl visits the Easton Hockey Factory to help build Ryan Getzlaf’s next hockey stick. Video: 3:25 Minutes from NHL.TV

Hockey Stick Selection With Coach Tom Martin [video]

Here is a good beginner’s guide on proper hockey stick selection with coach Tom Martin from Sportskool. The 3 minute video covers: The right hockey stick length is about chin height when standing in skates The right stick lie is one that keeps the blade flat on the ice How to tape the handle of […]

Hockey Gloves: How Its Made [video]

Hockey gloves are made up of about 30 different parts. The covering material is called the outer shell. It can be made of genuine leather or synthetic leather. There is even a new synthetic material that is called “carbon” that is tear proof even when slashed by sharp skate blades. High density foam is very […]

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