Ice Hockey Sticks

Wrist Shots: Researching The Secrets

Dan Peterson posted a nice article about research that is being conducted at McGill University into the exact mechanics that go into a perfect wrist shot. The objective of the research really is to understand the exact techniques and factors that make up a more accurate shot. The article does mention one difference between pros […]

Slapshot Fundamentals – Getting The Most From Your Hockey Stick

There is a REALLY nice post that I just came across at the site Video Analysis Of Sport. The article breaks down the fundamentals of a slapshot. The article is a visual analysis of 2 different shooters and in does a bit of “compare and contrast” analysis of each of there shots. There are a […]

Bobby Hull Jr’s “A Shooters Checklist For Ice & Roller Hockey”

Bobby Hull Jr updated his blog with a post titled A Shooter’s Checklist for Ice & Roller Hockey. It is a nice article that lays out the key points to be a good shooter and goal scorer. He covers the proper: Grip Puck position in relation to the body Puck position in relation to the […]