Ice Hockey Sticks

Sidney Crosby Testing New Hockey Stick

The Penguin’s Sidney Crosby is trying out a new composite stick. He has been using a two piece hockey stick with a wood blade. The new hockey stick that he is trying out is a one piece composite hockey stick. The article states that wooden hockey stick shafts and blades are very rare in the […]

Hockey Sticks – Easton Hockey – Carbon Nanotube Research

The Easton Corp recently gave a $2 million dollar gift to the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science to provide for advanced research into carbon nanotubes. Easton Sports (look here for more HSE info on Easton Hockey) has been a leader in using advanced technologies and materials in manufacturing sports equipment for many years. […]

Ice Hockey Stick Composite Technology

I found this blurb on some recent advances in composite technology as applied to building a true one piece composite hockey stick. You can follow this link to find more of our articles on composite hockey sticks. Key snippets from the article include: The stick uses a third generation toughened high-end resin system, Araldite NanoTech […]

Easton Hockey Sticks Dominate The NHL

Easton Hockey Sticks Here are some very interesting statistics from a PR piece off of Easton’s cooperate web site. As of the close of the NHL regular season, Easton posted a record 371 players in a Easton Composite stick! That amounts to nearly 52% of the world’s best players scoring game winning goals with world’s […]

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