Ice Hockey Sticks

Hockey the Cause of Most Canadian Baseball Players Batting Left Handed?

Here is a fun story about the majority of Canadian Baseball player batting left handed due to playing hockey left handed as they grew up. Why do so many Canadian baseball players bat left-handed? Jason Bay has a theory: When first handed a hockey stick, the typical Canadian kid grabs the end with his right […]

Fast Company Names NHL.Com As One Of Their Top 10 Most Innovative Sports Companies The challenger brand of sports leagues is becoming quite the creative digital-media company. Free from other leagues’ restrictions on video, shows exclusive off-the-ice footage as well as every goal scored. The Top 10 In Sport Category page can be found here.

Mike Green’s Record Setting Hockey Stick Is A Hot Commodity

The International Herald Tribune (the global edition ofthe New York Times) ran a nice story today on the Capital’s Mike Green and the Hockey Hall Of Fame seeking his record setting hockey stick. Mike Green recently set the all time record for the longest goal scoring streak by a defenseman at 8 games. Quotes from […]

NHL Hockey Stick Budget

Some nice Ice Hockey Stick $$$ info from a recent article… Reaching a breaking point on stick budgets? The odds that the hockey world would ever go back to wood sticks are probably on a par with goalies everywhere going back to pads stuffed with horsehair. But it sure gets frustrating, night after night, to […]

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