Ice Hockey Sticks | Bobby Rouillard’s “World’s Oldest Hockey Stick”

Bobby Rouillard’s “World’s Oldest Hockey Stick”

Update February 20th, 2009: Bobby Rouillard’s Hockey Stick received no bids on eBay for the 10 day auction. He is not surprised and not disappointed. He also said that he was contacted by 2 organizations that are interested in the stick but they didn’t want to go through eBay.

Update February 9th, 2009: Bobby Rouillard’s Hockey Stick is now available on eBay for purchase. It is a 10 day auction that requires pre-approval and a $10,000 deposit before you can bid upon it. The auction has quite a few nice photos of the hockey stick. Just search for “hockey stick” on eBay and you will find the auction. Key data from the auction…

The Oldest Hockey Stick in the World (Dated between 1633 and 1666)

Origin MI’KMAQ Indian, Nova Scotia, Canada

The age of the hockey stick has been authenticated by CARBONE 14 testing (Laval University, Quebec, Canada and University of California, Irvine, USA)

The hockey stick has been handmade by MI’KMAQ Indians out of a single, solid piece of YELLOW BIRCH wood

GUM-LAQUE residues can be found on the hockey stick

Size = 43 inches long X 1 inch wide X 0.5 inches thick

The Hockey Stick has been on display in the Hockey Hall of Fame during The World Hockey Championship at QUEBEC CITY 2008.

Bobby Rouillard's "World's Oldest Hockey Stick"
Bobby Rouilard claims to have to “World’s Oldest Hockey Stick” and he is going to place it for sale on eBay. Check out this other article at for more on “The World’s Oldest Hockey Sticks“.

There have been some recent article written about Rouillard’s hockey stick as he prepares to put it up for sale. Here is a short snippet from

A Quebec City man with a love of hockey and history claims to have a hockey stick that dates back to the mid-17th century.

However, historians suspect the one-metre long stick was simply crafted out of a very old piece of birch wood. They doubt it was used to play a hockey-style game in the age of Galileo.

Bobby Rouillard, who lives in the suburb of Boischatel, will be showing off the stick at a pond hockey tournament this weekend. Then, he says, he will put it on eBay at a starting price of $1 million.

..and more from

According to a carbon-dating laboratory in California, where samples of the stick were sent for analysis, the artifact is made of yellow birch or cherry wood dated between 1633 and 1666. The analysis showed the stick was carved in one piece.

But hockey experts say Rouillard should curb his enthusiasm, saying the oldest existing hockey sticks were carved in the 1850s

According to the Society of North American Hockey Historians and Researchers, Nova Scotia Mi’kmaqs played a form of ancient hockey that mirrored the Scottish shinny as early as the 1700s, citing accounts from British soldiers.

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